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Ours is an appealing and very popular breed.  Unfortunately, not everyone who acquires a bulldog understands the breed's unique needs.  Often bullies find themselves without a home because of health or behavioral problems.  Others need a rescue because of the loss of an elderly owner.  Our club is dedicated to the idea that all bullies need a good forever home.

We at BCCS adhere to the principles set forth by the Bulldog Club of America's Rescue Network.  Please visit their website at www.thebca.org and click on the rescue page.  There you will find information about adopting a dog in rescue or instructions about how to surrender a bully into the rescue program.

For additional information about the Colorado Springs Bulldog Club's Rescue Division,  please call (719) 323-5455

***************************************************************************************************************************                                                                   March 2015

Looking for a Forever Home

"Knuckles" is our newest rescue, and he's as bright as a new penny!  He came to us because of a bad habit; he chases livestock.  Otherwise, he is a sweet and gentle boy who is built to rough house, snooze in the sun and help you watch tv.  He is 20 months old, neutered, up-to-date on all shots and is ready to go.  He will need some training on a leash, a brush-up on his housetraining, and a 6ft. fence.  If you have the qualications, give us a call about Knuckles.  His fee is $400 cash.

Questions call BCCS Rescue at 719-323-5455, or e-mail, goatgalmjb1@hotmail.com


January 24, 2015

 "CAMMIE" has gone to her Forever home


Cammie has found her forever home.  When Darryl and Kathy saw Cammie it was love at first sight.  Smiles broke out, stubby tails wagged, it was wonderful!  Cammie will be living with two folks who know how to take care of a Bullie, and will have a big fenced yard to run around.  Congratulations to Darryl, Kathy and especially Cammie.



  Do you think, you might be interested in adopting a English Bulldog?  Cut the waiting time in half by getting your adoption application filled out and sent in now.  We will contact you when we receive your application.  Click on the Rescue Dog Application link below.

If you have questions about adopting, go to our web site: www.bulldogscosprings.org,  click on the Rescue link.

For a Rescue Application, go to the bottom of this page and click on the Rescue Application link.


Questions call BCCS Rescue at 719-323-5455, or e-mail, goatgalmjb1@hotmail.com



Click Here For Bulldog Rescue Application

Click here for Volunteer Foster Home Application 3 Pages


Please return application to:

Bulldog Club of Colorado Springs

Melina, goatgalmjb1@hotmail.com



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